Sep        11 @ 7 PM

Sep        25 @ 7 PM


Sep          3 @ 7 PM Sep         17 @ 7 PM

Moose Legion:

Sep        25 @ 8 PM

Port Charlotte Moose Lodge 2121 is located at 3462 Loveland Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL.
Mailing address is PO Box 494947 Port Charlotte, FL 33949
Telephone:  941-629-1140        Fax: 941-624-6409        Email: Contact Us

Lodge Administrator & Social Quarters Manager:
Acting Administrator: Bob Lanigan

Webmaster: Tom Hartnett

Social Quarters open: Monday - Thurs and Sat. 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM,
Sunday from 12:00 noon until 10 PM
Friday Hours: open 10 :00 AM, Close at midnight

Tiki Bar is open Monday - Friday at 3:00 PM until....*
  Saturday /Sunday 1:00 PM until....*   
 *Tiki Bar closes at bartender’s discretion

Administrator:   AND  Social Quarters Manager: Bob Lanigan                           Webmaster: Tom Hartnett

Business hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM until 2 :00 PM

WOTM fashion show
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If case you didn’t know, let us take a moment to remind you that now men can sponsor women into the Women of the Moose and Women can do the reverse and sponsor a man into the Loyal Order of Moose. This applies to spouses, friends and adult children, so why not give the gift of Moose? If you have adult children living out of state, you can sponsor them into Port Charlotte  2121 and their Moose card is good wherever they live and here when they come to Port Charlotte to visit you.

Cross Sponsorship